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Isnin, 28 April 2008, 12:00 pm0

My first blog was created using Friendster blog. Then, I transferred all the content to my PC at home and hosted it from there. However, the PC’s hard disk corrupted, and all of the contents gone.

In April 2008, I restored some of the content, which I still keep in my laptop, to this webhosting, but using different account. Then, changes happened to this hosting, and problems occurred to the blog, so I left it out for a while.

A year later, using the same hosting but new account, I create a subdomain to point to this blog, and this blog alive again.

After all, I’m still using WordPress as my blogging platform. Thanks to WordPress developers for creating this wonderful & useful software.

Note: This post is originally entitled ‘PHP directory listing’, but its content is quite outdated (and can be found anywhere in the net).

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