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Creating [object] in a different context than the calling function.

Jumaat, 19 Ogos 2016, 10:13 pm0

Creating [object] in a different context than the calling function.

This warning occured when a JS callback function is passed to Objective-C as KrollCallback and then executed on non-JS thread.

KrollCallback *callback = [args objectForKey@"callback"];

[OneSignal initWithLaunchOptions:[TiApp app].launchOptions appId:appId handleNotificationAction:^(OSNotificationResult *result) {
    [callback call:@[] thisObject:nil];

Problem with this warning is, if the JS callback create Ti.Network.HTTPClient instance, then that instance is null.

function callback() {
    var http = Ti.Network.createHTTPClient();'GET', getUrl()); // JS error! http is null

To fix, get krollContext instance of current module/proxy and execute callback inside invokeBlockOnThread

// For TiModule / TiProxy descendants KrollContext *context = [self.executionContext krollContext]; // For TiUIView descendants KrollContext *context = [self.proxy.executionContext krollContext]; // invoke [context invokeBlockOnThread:^{ [callback call:@[] thisObject:nil]; }];

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