Apache Caching Proxy Server

Sabtu, 27 Ogos 2011, 6:20 am0

This setup is using Apache 2.2 bundled with XAMPP, in Windows 7

Create new config file: /xampp/apache/conf/extra/httpd-cache-proxy.conf

LoadModule proxy_module modules/mod_proxy.so
LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/mod_proxy_http.so
LoadModule proxy_connect_module modules/mod_proxy_connect.so
LoadModule proxy_ftp_module modules/mod_proxy_ftp.so

Listen 3128
NameVirtualHost *:3128
<VirtualHost *:3128>
    ErrorLog "logs/proxy-error.log"
    CustomLog "logs/proxy-access.log" combined
<IfModule mod_proxy.c> ProxyRequests On ProxyVia On <Proxy *> Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow from </Proxy> </IfModule> <IfModule mod_cache.c> LoadModule disk_cache_module modules/mod_disk_cache.so <IfModule mod_disk_cache.c> CacheEnable disk / CacheRoot "c:/xampp/apache/proxy/cache" CacheDirLevels 3 CacheDirLength 5 CacheMaxFileSize 10485760 CacheMaxExpire 2592000 </IfModule> ProxyTimeout 60 </IfModule> </VirtualHost>

Include this file to /xampp/apache/conf/httpd.conf

Include conf/extra/httpd-cache-proxy.conf

Make sure to create folder for CacheRoot. Restart Apache using XAMPP control panel or Windows Services (if you installed as service), and set browser’s proxy server to

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