H1N1 spams

Selasa, 11 Ogos 2009, 12:00 pm18

These spams have been around since yesterday through instant messaging service (including SMS perhaps):

Simple translation: “If you got H1N1-like symptoms, consume more fruit-based foods & drink more milk & fresh water, from Sultan Aminah Hospital, Johor”.

Another one:

Translation: “Soak some dates in coconut water for 2 hours, then drink it all including the dates, from somewhere in Thailand”.

Of course it’s kind of effort, but there’s no scientific proof, yet they forward it to many people like a huge discovery of the century. If that’s the case, then the M’sian government could’ve wasted RM20mln to obtain anti-viral vaccine from oversea. These spams are nothing but a scam, with hidden purpose, such as to increase fruits or dates sales (it’s near Ramadhan now).

These should be kept as another urban legends, just like one in Sarawak, during SARS disease sometime ago. It was told that small green bean porridge was known able to cure SARS. The funny thing is, all green bean stock had been sold out in shops & supermarkets, and guess from who they got that message – from a newborn baby…

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