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Setup Trac on Windows

Isnin, 3 Disember 2012, 5:14 pm0

Using Bitnami Trac Stack + Subversion (SVN).

    1. Setup environment
      • Download Bitnami Track Stack (Windows installer) & install it
      • Add to PATH
        C:Program FilesBitNami Trac StackpythonScripts
        C:Program FilesBitNami Trac Stackapache2bin
    2. Create new project
      • Cmd
        $ trac-admin <trac env path> initenv
      • path: C:UsersUsernameProjectsTracnewproject
    3. Configure SVN repo
      • Edit C:UsersUsernameProjectsTracnewprojectconftrac.ini
        repository_dir = <svn repo path>
      • path: C:UsersUsernameProjectsReposnewproject (create using TortoiseSVN)
    4. Enable SVN module in Trac
        • Edit trac.ini

  • Edit logo image
    • Edit trac.ini
      src = site/logo.png
    • Place image in <trac env path>htdocslogo.png
  • Enable syntax highlighting
    • Install pygments
      # easy_install pygments
    • Edit trac.ini
      pygments_default_style = default
  • Add admin permission
    • Cmd
      $ trac-admin /path/to/projenv permission add admin TRAC_ADMIN
    • /path/to/projectenv = c:UsersUsernameProjectsTracnewproject
  • Add user
    • Cmd
      # htdigest -c htpasswd "Trac" username
    • -c = Create auth file (exclude when adding user)
      htpasswd = C:UsersUsernameBitNami Trac Stackappstracusershtpasswd
      “trac” = realm in http-dav-svn.conf below
  • Enable SVN repo hosting on Apache
    • Add in httpd.conf
      # svn repository
      Include conf/extra/http-dav-svn.conf
    • Create http-dav-svn.conf (copied from subversion.conf at
    • Edit:
      SVNParentPath C:UsersUsernameProjectsRepos
      AuthType Basic
    • AuthName & AuthUserFile follow values in c:Program FilesBitNami Trac Stackappstracconftrac.conf
      * bitnami trac by default is using basic auth

Trac can be accessed at http://localhost/trac. Checkout & commit to SVN repo at http://localhost/svn

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