Building chicken coop - week 2

Selasa, 13 Mac 2018, 6:01 pm23

A week after Chinese New Year holiday, continuing building the chicken coop. My plan was first, to install the wire mesh fence, then nail the woods to the pillar at ground level, part of the wood will be buried underground. This is to prevent chicken from scratching the soil and creating an escape hole.

Dig a small shallow trench to put the wood in.

I’ve nailed and glued some short woods to make up for the length of the coop.

Not enough wire mesh, I bought only 16 meters, RM8/meter at Emart Batu Kawa, which is quite expensive.

Then we went to Sebuyau, and I bought another 4 meters at RM5.50/meter, to complete the perimeter and for the door.

During afternoon break, our supervisor came to check on our progress 😄.

The next day:

Wire mesh had been attached to the door, and it had been installed to the frame, together with lock.

Ground wood also had been installed, wire mesh fence had been attached to the woods using stapler gun. I covered back the small trench and the ground wood with soil and compact it from the inside, preventing it from easily being scratched by the chicken.

For the top part, I used old fishing nets. I had to make sure the coop is all covered, to prevent the chicken from going out, and the predators from going in.

While working on this coop, there was incident where a monitor lizard entered the old coop and ate 5 of the chicks. That’s why I had to rush up to complete and move the remaining chicks into this new coop.

Total of 18 chicks in the coop. Next week going to continue with the waterer and feeding system installation.

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