Ayam kampung update July 2018

Jumaat, 20 Julai 2018, 3:00 pm0

Started with the first batch of 20+ chicks 5 months ago, here’s the latest update:

The very first batch, there are 4 roosters (one alpha male) and 6 hens, but not yet laying eggs. Now they are being left outside to range freely around the house compound.

These are the second batch, around 10 of them. They are the ones that being placed inside the brooder when it first built previously. When they were inside the coop (now they free-range outside too), they often attacked by rats and lose feathers around their neck, but now they started growing back.

Third batch of chicks, 13 of them inside the coop. They got better health since we give them “chicken panadol” (as they call it here).

The 4th, latest batch of chicks, total of 7 chicks. This was taken right after they hatched.

Since some chicken are free-range outside, I placed two waterer cups outside of the coop for them. For the feed, I don’t use the upside-down container anymore since it’s wasting the feed, and birds always come to eat the feed. Also maybe that’s the reason why there are rats inside the coop.

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