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Raised garden beds

Jumaat, 18 Mei 2018, 3:00 pm0

Gathering materials and building raised garden beds:

Got these pallet wood from electric pole construction in the village.

At first I wanted to use only bamboo to build the raised garden beds, but it was quite hard to work with bamboo and its cylindrical shape.

Previously had some vegetable patches here so I level out the ground and clear out the area for the beds.

Made 6 square boxes, mixing wood and bamboo.

Install the boxes onto the ground.

Building the shade:

Bought six 1×1 6ft. woods to construct the posts for putting the shade above the raised beds.

Using leftover PVC pipe as the bar to put the shade on.

Tie the posts together with string, so that the shade can be secured into place above the raised beds area.

Installed the shade, check if the posts are planted straight into the ground, tighten the string and done!

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