Building chicken coop - week 1

Rabu, 7 Mac 2018, 6:27 pm0

During Chinese New Year holiday last month, I started building chicken coop for my ayam kampung (indigenous-breed chicken) project. My parent in laws were very kind to allow their old wooden house to be repurposed as chicken coop. Instead of building from scratch, I could reuse the pillar and roof of the house, and just build the fence and door to enter the coop.

This section of the house was the kitchen and toilet, after my father in law and I tore down the wall and floor.

View from east side of the house, only half way done.

Removed all the joist, all of them made from belian (Eusideroxylon zwageri), hardest wood in Borneo.

Started work from early morning, then continued to evening. Now finished installing frame for the door.

The next day, doing some clean up, keep aside woods that can be reused and burned those that already rotten. My father in law done rebuilt the wall and the door for the house. This old house is used as storage.

I prepared some woods for the fence and the door of the chicken coop. That’s it for the week, going to continue next week, installing the fence.

This is the poultry waterer that I’ll be using inside the chicken coop. Bought it online, as I couldn’t find it sold locally here.

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