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Sarawak was the first state to have a haze emergency declared after the API (Air Pollution Index) breached the 600-mark on Sept 19, 1997, touching a high of 851 at one time.

Source: http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v5/news_lite.php?id=419171

That’s true, even the neighbour’s houses which within 20 meters away were hardly visible (at the worst condition). For one week, we stayed inside our home, covered the windows with curtains & kept the fan on (to constantly regulate the air inside the house). FYI, API index >300 is already at dangerous level, let alone >600.

This year, 2009, El-Nino strikes back. Hot & dry condition had hit around Sarawak generally, no rain for nearly a month and smokes start filling the atmosphere. If we want to find out the cause of this disaster, apart from El-nino, just look around:

Open burning at Ensebang for farming purpose

The state government already urged the people to stop open burning during daytime. But the question is, how are they going to make sure the message is delivered to these villagers & farmers. Most of them receiving news & info from other people, mouth by mouth. Even though they have TV & radio at home, but they’re less likely to listen to those media. In the end, they keep doing it – and they complain there’s no rain for 2 weeks or so and their crops started to die.

Orange-coloured sun shows that the thick layer of smokes in the atmosphere

Wake up in the morning, and you won’t see the usual bright sunlight. All you see is orange light, and smell of smokes.

Hazy morning at Jalan Kulas

Going to work with foggy surrounding & yellow sunlight, make you feel like it’s already evening.

Dry Sungai Krang at Balai Ringin

River water level hit the lowest height. Luckily in Kuching, the water supply still survived without any problem.

Last night it was light rain pour, together with strong breeze. Hopefully it will lower down the surrounding temperature that has been around more than 35 degree Celsius, for 2 or 3 weeks. But the haze will still be around if open burnings were not put to halt.

(Picture courtesy of my father’s Facebook 😀 )

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