Aquaponics book & build materials

Sabtu, 14 April 2018, 2:00 am29

2 weeks ago I ordered a free copy of The Aquaponics God Manual book, where I only need to pay for shipping cost, and yesterday I received not only one, but three (!) copies of the book. You may order yours here.

The Aquaponics God Manual book

Since the progress of building the aquaponics is quite slow, so for now I’ll just cover on the materials I’ll be using to build the set & where I got them.

1×2 timbers, from a hardware store near junction to Taman Malihah.

3.6mm plywood, ½ inch PVC pipe & 2 inch UPVC pipe, from the same hardware store as timber above.

(Left lower) 2000 L/hr water pump and air compressor, from a pet store in Matang. (Right) 20 gallon pail from super store at Genesis Parade

1 inch styrofoam boards, from a stationary shop at Tabuan

1000 liters fish tank, from a hardware shop near Jalan Sekama

There are a few stuff missing, such as pond liner, garden netting, pipe fittings, electrical wiring & water test kits. Currently it is still in progress so I’ll update when the system is ready for test run.

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