Lowland Strawberry

Khamis, 19 April 2018, 11:34 pm0

We got this strawberry plant from my mother, and at that time it already have a few stalks or runners which can be used to propagate the plant. My wife is the one that take care of them, together with other potted plants.

Bought a few pots to grow the runners. During this time the mother plant only grow large leaves.

A few tips we learned on how to grow strawberry:

  • Soil must be well-drained – not too wet and didn’t dry out too quickly, cocopeat is most suitable. Currently we used top soil with some compost, to ensure well aerated root.
  • Water lightly – only water when the top of soil is dry. Don’t expose directly to rain, we place the plants where they receive only sprinkle of rainwater.
  • Using organic fertilizer such as chicken manure is good, but for us it attracts pests or insects to the soil. Better to use low NPK fertilizer (e.g 12:12:12)
  • Only need 6 hours of sunlight. We placed the plants where they received only morning sunlight, so that they won’t overheat.
  • Keep number of leaves low, at most 9 leaves, as from my understanding, most nutrient will be used by those leaves instead of producing fruit.

This is the second ripe fruit. The first one was from the mother plant, and it was larger than this, about the normal size (~1 inch).

Current location of the plants. We plan to propagate more strawberry plants for sale.

Taste a bit sour. To prevent it become sour, one tip I read is to reduce watering when the fruit is going to ripe.

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