Aquaponics germination update September 2018

Jumaat, 28 September 2018, 6:00 pm19

Previous filter method which was using tea filter wasn’t good enough, it got clogged very quickly. So now I changed the design to use just clay pebbles to do the job.

I’m reusing a plastic container, fill it with clay pebbles (C), water from the aquarium entering the filter at A, as water flowing towards hole B, the solid waste will be filtered by the pebbles.

Here’s how it looks like. In addition to that, I add more grow lights since I saw the seedlings became elongated, a sign that plant is looking for lights.

Previous batch of pak choy and sawi putih seedlings already been transplanted to raised beds. I left a few to continue growing inside the aquaponics set as an experiment. Currently they’re showing signs of nutrient deficiencies, maybe nitrogen (leaf not enough green, almost become white) since the system is still new and not enough bacteria to produce nitrate, or maybe also iron or calcium (older leaf became burnt and died).

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