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I’m a graduate Bachelor of Tech (Hons)

Jumaat, 21 Ogos 2009, 12:00 pm0

16 August 2009, I’m officially graduated from UTP. While others are writing long about this UTP 9th Convocation in their blogs, I just want to say that all plans for this trip were successfully done!

12 August

Flight from Kuching to KL, then took a bus to Ipoh. Basically no problem at all. We stayed at Majestic Hotel, same building with the Ipoh railway station.

It used to be a lodging house for the government officials, but being transformed into a hotel in 2006

13 August

Rent a white Kancil for 5 days, for RM140/day. I was supposed to collect robe, complete the clearance and get my certs certified true copy, but only the first two tasks were done – Admission & Registration Unit was closed to attend rehearsal.

To update my status across Facebook, Twitter and, I use GPRS to access web interface. That’s why I prefer over Twitter. I’ll blog about this later

14 August

Inside Chancellor Hall during Rector’s Award

Went to Rector’s Award early in the morning and continued with convo rehearsal. In the evening, we moved to Eastern Hotel at the middle of Ipoh old town.

This is how Eastern Hotel might be looked during 1970’s

Nasi goreng udang! Spicy & covered with prawns – becoming my favourite since I first tasted it. The restaurant is near Ipoh field

15 August

The only program for today at UTP is to attend convo dinner, Tun Dr. Mahathir will be the special guest of the night. Eventhough a bit late, at least I didn’t enter the hall after Tun arrived.

To kill some time during the day, we went to Teluk Batik, Lumut

Also, went to Lumut Waterfront to snap some photos. It was a hot day!

16 August

Convocation day. I was a bit late arrived at UTP, and quickly changed my cloth like a superman into a formal attire, and immediately jumped into the line of graduates. After the ceremony, we then moved to Impiana Casuarina for only a night.

17 August

Early in the morning from Ipoh, went to UTP through Batu Gajah to return robe and collect the official transcript and scroll. Still undecided when to go to KL, we took the 1 pm train straight to KL Sentral from Ipoh train station.

A Hindu temple nearby Ipoh train station

18 August

Interview with Petronas. A bit troublesome as I just checked my e-mail yesterday and still got no e-mail from Petronas regarding the interview! Fortunately I waited at Suria KLCC from 7.50 am till 9.30 am before I got a call from them to get me to level 37 for interview. It went ok, though I was a bit unprepared for the role playing session. Done at 12 pm, took an LRT to KL Sentral, immediately into Skybus to LCCT and we head back to Kuching.

I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again

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